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Don't get taken by cheap 'Canada Goose' parkas

Having indulged in a lot of online shopping this Christmas, I should’ve remembered that famous Abraham Lincoln quote that pops up on the web from time to time: “One shouldn’t believe everything one reads just because they see it on the Internet.” I bought books from and, products from and even got a great deal on a Lumix telephoto lens through There were fabulous deals to be had, and I was a seasoned online shopper. Or so I thought.

Canada Goose, does a good job
In retrospect, my ‘seasoning’ this month may have been poultry seasoning. You see, I found – or thought I had found – the motherlode of deals on one of those ads that pops up on Facebook. A canada goose outlet Expedition Parka, regularly $700, on sale for only $287. I clicked on the link and it took me to something called the Winter Parka Outlet. The site had the canada goose outlet toronto logo. In fact, the Canada Goose logo and trademarks were all over the site, together with other trademarks such as ‘McAfee Secure’ and very professional photographs of people wearing the iconic coats in all sorts of cold environments. 

Our Promise

There was free shipping and no tax, presumably because the GST/PST/HST was incorporated in the price. Clearly, one of Canada Goose’s subsidiaries or dealers was liquidating inventory in conjunction with Black Friday and Christmas. How could I lose? What a deal! So I went ahead and bought a coat. I filled out the online information so the vendor had my residential address for credit card billing purposes, and my office address for delivery purposes, just like Apple, Amazon and other online sales companies do. My order was confirmed by e-mail a few moments later in the usual way. 

  • “What was your first clue that things weren’t quite as they seemed, Sherlock?” Well, I guess no tax and free shipping could have been a giveaway. Maybe I should have paid attention to the keywords on the website’s landing page: canada goose outlet toronto.
  • ut then I received an e-mail later that day that read, in broken English: “Thanks for order on our website. There are two different addresses in your order. But according to credit card company’s secure policy, it must be same information between your billing address and your parcel’s shipping address. If you really want to ship your order to your shipping address, please e-mail us your scanned files of fronts of your ID card and credit card.” Oh oh, I thought to myself. I’ve been scammed.
  • I’m not aware of any company that wants a scanned copy of my credit card and my driver’s licence or my passport to enable them to deliver something to my office. Identity theft, fake goods and “you idiot” immediately came to mind. I reached for the dunce cap. And the phone. When I called my credit card company to cancel my card, sheepishly explaining to the agent what I had done as if I were telling the school principal how I broke the window in the classroom, he said something like: “Oh the Canada Goose scam...we’re seeing a lot of that this month. Didn’t you know canada goose outlet online never sells online or at discount? I’ll cancel the card right away.”
  • Thankfully, my card was cancelled before the order was processed. There are many learning lessons to be taken from this story for vendors and consumers alike.